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Easily Create & Deliver Your Email Newsletters: Makes You An Email Marketing Professional!

Emlun ist the perfect solution for sending your marketing emails to all your prospects, customers and business associates. A wealth of easy-to-use tools and features help you create and successfully deliver professional email newsletters a breeze!

No matter if you are sending a small newsletter to the members of your non-profit organisation or if you are a hosting provider or marketing agency look for a resellable solution for thousands of clients: the cloud-based Emlun will meet the requirements of any business.

Best of all: there is no need to download and install any software, you can get started immediately right through your browser!
Manage Mailinglists

Quickly Imported:

Your List Of Recipients.

Easily import your contacts from any text database or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. If you prefer, you may even import your email adresses using copy  & paste.

Using smart mechanisms, Emlun will automatically recognize any data format, which allows you to import data even if you are not an IT expert.

By using Categories you may maintain multiple lists and send emails to targeted segments of contacts.
Create Email Newsletters

Absolutely Astonishing:

Your New Email Newsletter!

Emlun has everything required to create absolutely astonishing newsletters that feature articles, graphics, file attachments and social media.

If you prefer, you may even import your Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Publisher fiels and send them as email newsletters.

Or you may use one of our many templates to create your very own newsletter. 
Email Delivery

High-Speed Email Delivery.

And a Powerful Tracking System

Integrated Click & View trackingated Clinot only shows you the number of people who have opened your email and clicked on a link, but also provides you all the details so you can follow-up with contacts who are interested in taking advantage of your latest offers.

Ttrack the delivery status of each and every email message in detail and discover any delivery issues that other providers may hide from you.

Customizable Email Marketing Software

Add Emlun to your application.

With EmlunConnect.

Are you looking for a professional email marketing solution that can be part of your own software?

Emlun features .NET and SOAP SDKs that you can use to easily connect your application to ours.

This is perfect if you are selling customer or event management software.
"We were in a time crunch. The initial product release of our S4 Open line of network appliances for building automation integration was imminent so almost all of our resources were being put into final product testing to meet the scheduled release date.

On top of all of the expected activities associated with a new product launch our email marketing service decided that they didn’t want to be in that business any longer and discontinued their offering. With email marketing being our primary method of business to business communications we simply had to find a new supplier and bring their service on-line quickly. We found EmailUnlimited, tried it, and liked what we saw so we moved forward with a trial. During the trial we found that we liked it even better.

And, we got a pleasant surprise with 4OfficeAutomation’s superb customer support. They pulled out the stops and did what was necessary to get us on-line and enable us stay on schedule for our product launch. We are looking forward to a long term, mutually beneficial, relationship."

Steve Jones, Managing Partner The S4 Group, Inc. -  


Always happy to serve.

Evaluate Everything.

The Emlun Customer Support.

With our free-forever Trial.

We know Emlun by heart. And we know everything about successful bulk email delivery and newsletters. If you have any questions or need assistance, we are always happy to help.

Emails us at [email protected] or give us a toll-free call at 1-866-362-4586.
Evaluate everything that Emlun offers to you with no time limited.

Use the button below to get going right on the spot!

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