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Manage Your Mailing Lists.
Using The Emlun Adress List Editor.

No matter if you are planning to send a mailing to your customers, a brochure to your prospective clients or an invitation to your friends:

Using the Emlun Address List Editor, you can easily add new adresses and manage existing contacts.

Our query feature allows you to find any contact by any field, furthermore, you can easily look up when your contact has signed-up to receive your newsletter.

Import Your E-Mail Adresses The Easy Way.

The Emlun Import Assistentant.


Copy/Paste Import

The easiest way to import addresses:

Copy & paste them right into Emlun!


CSV / Text Files

Import your recipients' addresses from any text or CSV database file. This way you can import email addresses from almost any other application to Emlun.


Excel Spreadsheets

Prefer to manage your lists using Microsoft Excel? Using Emlun, you can easily import addresses right from your Excel spreadsheets!


Smart Assistant

Our smart import assistant analyzes your import data and helps you import all the information neccessary to send your mailing - including personalization data.


Magento Connection

Got a Magento Shop? Emlun will directly connect to your shop and import your customers' data. There is no easier way to send a mailing to all your customers!


.NET & SOAP Interface

Software developers can easily export their own program's address data to Emlun in order to send email newsletters.
We will be glad to assist you during the integration process.

One Big List.

Smart Categorization.


Emlun will organize all your addresses in one big list. This makes it easy to send large mailings to all your email addresses without sending duplicates.

Nevertheless you will still have access to any segments of your lists, because when you import data to Emlun, it will categorize entries automatically by the import file name and date.

This way you can always get back to a specific import file and use it to send a targeted mailings. 

Furthermore, you may specify a category name when you import records to Emlun.

Example: you have obtained three different lists from three different trade shows. You plan to send a newsletter to all those email contacts without sending duplicates.  So when you import those lists, assign the category 'Newsletter' to each of those lists.

This way you can send your newsletter of those segments all at once without have to fear sending duplicate emails.

Targeted Mailings & List Segmentation.

The Emlun Query Builder.

targeted mailing

Are you planning to invite all your customers from the Bay Area to a local workshop?

Build a quick Emlun query to create a list of customers from San Fran and Oakland and send a targted invitation to your workshop to that specfic segment.

Much easier than washing your dog:

Emlun List Cleaning Functionality.

clean up mailing list graphic
Does your mailing list feature entries with missing or invalid email addresses?

Emlun helps you get rid of all those invalid contact quickly. Furthermore, you may remove any contacts from a category.

Build a Super Efficient Money-Making Mailing List.

Using Our Automatic Sign-up Form.

Do you want your list of contacts to grow - automatically and free of charge?

Simply add our free sign-up for to your homepage that your website visitors can use to learn more about your offers and sign-up to your email newsletter. Using the Emlun Form Editor you can customize your form to perfectly match the look and feel of your web design in only a few minutes.

Learn More About Your Prospects.

By Creating A Custom Sign-up Form.

What kind of data do you want to retrieve from your web site's visitors? The email address only? Or also the name, phone number and postal address?

Emlun lets you easily create custom sign-up forms that collect all the data you require.

Stay on the Safe Side.

Automatic Double Opt-In Verification.

Email addresses that are approved by a double opt-in authentication are the most valuable and will guarantee the best delivery results, as it confirms that those people really want to receice information from you.

That's why we have developed a system the verifys new sign-ups automatically. This way, your list quality will be top notch and you will always be on the safe side when you send your mailings.

Always Protected.

Your Data.

 image of safe We put a great emphasis on data protection. That's why Emlun keeps your data separate from other customers' data, which is only accessible with a username and password.

While importing data, you may always choose which data to import. This way, you only need to import those data fields that are absolutely neccessary to deliver and personalize your email newsletter.

On delivery, our system will create and send on individual email for each recipient, so your addresses will never show up in a CC or BCC line.


Always happy to serve.

Evaluate Everything.

The Emlun Customer Support.

With our free-forever Trial.

We know Emlun by heart. And we know everything about successful bulk email delivery and newsletters. If you have any questions or need assistance, we are always happy to help.

Emails us at [email protected] or give us a toll-free call at 1-866-362-4586.
Evaluate everything that Emlun offers to you with no time limited.

Use the button below to get going right on the spot!

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