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Lightening-Fast Newsletter Delivery.
Reliable Click & View Tracking.

  checkmark   Special Algorithms

Specially designed delivery mechanisms will delivery all your emails as quickly and reliably as possible.

  checkmark   Domain Keys

Domainkeys are a special authentication mechanism that ensure the delivery of your emails into the inboxes of large ISPs such as Yahoo or Hotmail.

  checkmark    ISP Relationships

Being a seasoned email service provider, we maintain relationships to all major ISPs for your emails to arrive in the recipients' inboxes.
In contrast to your email servers for sending your business correspondence, Emlun's email servers are specially designed to delivery bulk email and email newsletters.
Delivering your email to 10,000 recipients will normally only take a few minutes. Special algorithms ensure the delivery to providers like Yahoo or Hotmail.

And if an email to a specific recipient cannot be delivered immediately, the system will retry the delivery up to 10 times.

Detailed Reports.

For Real Time Delivery And Click & View Tracking.

email delivery sample Emlun's powerful reporting system provides you real-time reports on the delivery of your mailings.

For those recipients who could not be reached detailed reports distinguish between temporary and permanent delivery failures.

Click & View tracking reveals you not how many people have opened your newsletter and clicked on your links, but also who they are.

Delivery Reports

The delivery reports show you the delivery success of your email newsletters in a variety of charts showing the overall success as well as the details.

The delivery report by domain shows you the delivery success for the 7 most relevant ISPs. This way you always know that delivery success is yours.

Clicks / Views

Clicks & Views tracking shows you how people react on your newsletters, how often your email has been opened and who has clicked on your links.

This will show you which subject line and ad copy is the most effective one. If you feature several products, the Top-10-Click chart will show you which one is most popular.


Queryable Logs

Do you need to know if a specific recipient has received your email and opened it?

Run a quick query on the delivery log and you will know in seconds.

Furthermore, the system can provide you a list of unsuccessful delivery attempts so you can import that data back into your CRM system.

Complete Results In One Chart.

tree-styled delivery reporting chart

The Interactive Tree Chart.

Our interactive tree chart will show you the success of your mailing in one view, from the overall picture to the tiniest detail.

It is divided into two main branches: successful deliveries and delivery failures. These branches provide you the exact information required to evaluate the success of your mailing:

See how many recipients have received your mails, and how many delivery attempts have failed - and why they have failed.

For the successful deliveries, you also learn how your readers have reacted on your email message.

Click on any element to learn more and retrieve a list of the corresponding records in the delivery log.

Automatic Removal Handling.

Automatic Feedback Loops.

One Headache Less To Care For.

For Long-Term Delivery Results. 

In order to guarantee long-term email newsletter success, it is important that you provide your recipients a reliable way to remove themselves from future mailings.

That's why Emlun features an automatic unsubscribe link that will put the addresses of people who unsubscribe to a do-not-email list that will be maintained on our servers.

This ensures that those recipients will be excluded from all future mailings - even if their addresse make it back to your list by accident.
If you got a webmail account at one of the large ISPs, you will certainly know the little 'Spam' button that is used to report an email as spam.

Feedback Loops will notify our system whenever a reader makes your message as "spam" - and will exclude that recipients from any future mailing.

This way we constantly improve our reputation and the delivery results when sending batches to popular providers.


Always happy to serve.

Evaluate Everything.

The Emlun Customer Support.

With our free-forever Trial.

We know Emlun by heart. And we know everything about successful bulk email delivery and newsletters. If you have any questions or need assistance, we are always happy to help.

Emails us at [email protected] or give us a toll-free call at 1-866-362-4586.
Evaluate everything that Emlun offers to you with no time limited.

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