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E-Mail Newsletters, Brochures, Invitations...
Created And Delivered In No Time!

Emlun provides you everything you need in order to send professional marketing emails to all your customers.
Choose your favorite template and layout first. Then add images,
articles, texts and social media links.

Emlun will do everything else on your behalf!

Double-click on any template image to upload your
own pictures. Any pictures you upload will be
hosted on our server free of charge.

Furthermore we have build our templates in a way
that they will be displayed correctly in almost any
popular email program - including the iPhone!

Choose Your Own Layout.

For Your E-Mail Newsletter To Match Your Corporate Design.

Email Newsletter Choose Layout

Do you write regular articles for your blog? Or do you prefer to send your customers a quick overview of your newest products and services? Emlun provides a large selection of article layouts for you to create your individual email newsletter.

Use Microsoft Office?

Professional Formatting Functions.

You Will Love Our Direct Import.

For Superb Looking Newsletters.

If you prefer creating your flyers using Microsoft Word, you will love our new direct-import functionality:

Instead of having to convert your document to HTML and upload any pictures manually, EmailUnlimited will take care of that task automatically:

Upload your Word document to our server and it will automatically be converted, including any pictures.

EmailUnlimited supports all Word formats as well as PowerPoint presentations, and, of course, HTML files (HTML files will require you to upload image files manually).
Use the integrated HTML-Email Editor to format your email newsletters in your browser. Change texts, colors and fonts, insert tables, articles, images and links.

It is even possible to include file attachments that will be hosted on our servers at no charge.

HTML professionals may even edit HTML code directly.

The integrated preview will show you how your newsletter will look like at your recipient's destination.

Header And Footer.

So People Can Subscribe And Unsubscribe Quickly.

Email Newsletter select header and footer screenshot
Emlun will add an automatic Header and Footer to your  email newsletter.

This way your readers can quickly subsribe to and unsubscribe from your newsletter, view an online version or take a look at past issues. 

Of course, you may customize the Header and Footer, or remove it altogether if you prefer.

Easily Insert Custom Tables.

insert table into email newsletter  

For Creating Layouts And Lists.

Only a selected numbers of email marketing programs support inserting and editing tables. Emlun is one of them.

Tables give you the opportunity to present information your way. You can not only use them to show price lists,  but also to create a functional layout and arrange texts.

That's why Emlun include a number of easy-to-use function to insert and modify tables into your emails.
social media connections

Add Social Media Links.

For Your Readers To Recommend You.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…it only takes a few clicks to insert links to your corporate social media pages into your email newsletter.

Facebook 'Like' Buttons are also supported. This way, readers can easily share your articles with their friends.

Provide Alternate Plain Text.

So Old Blackberries Can Read Your Newsletter, Too.

Even in this modern world there are still email programs that are incapable of rendering HTML emails. Emlun allows you to include not only an alternate plain text that will be rendered on devices that do not support HTML, but also a link for viewing the HTML version of your newsletter in a browser.

This way, even users of old-fashioned Blackberries can read your emails properly.

Clean And Secure.

Your Email Drafts.

auto save email drafts
Imagine sitting in a train, typing your newsletter, and then your connection is interrupted for some reason.

Fortunately, Emlun will automatically save your newsletter in a preset interval. This way, you don't have to start all over again in case your connection is interrupted.

Your Newsletter in English and Japanese?

No Problem. Thanks To Multi-Language Support.

Emlun will delivery your emails in any language. No matter if you send your email newsletter in English, Spanish, Chinese or Hebrew:  Emlun will display every letter in a correct fashion.

Greet Every Recipient By The Name.

Using Our Smart Personalization Feature.

preview email screenshot
Email is a one-to-one medium. Using personalization, you may greet each recipient by the name and include other details that your database provides. This is the best way to improve the click rate of your newsletters.
You may also use personalization to send invoices that include your customers' post addresses.

No Duplicate Sending.

Except If You Choose So.

Duplicates are an important issue when sending bulk email. There are few things that can make people as upset as receiveing the same email in their inbox several times.

That's why Emlun will automatically avoid the delivery of emails to duplicate email addresses.

Except if you need to send two emails to the same address for some reason, e.g. when sending invoices. In this case, Emlun allows you to explicitely deliver emails to duplicate addresses, too.

Preview Your EMails.

Make Sure That Your Email Newsletter Will Always Appear In a Perfect Fashion.

In order for you to verify that your email will arrive properly, Emlun offers you two different functions:

Send "Test Emails" to a single email address in order to see how your email will be displayed in your own email client. Test emails will always be delivered immediately, a small screen keeps you posted on the delivery status.

edit html emails screenshot

The "Preview" Funtion, in contrast, will show you how your email will look like when personalization data is inserted.

Always On Time.

schedule email newsletter delivery

Newsletter Delivery Scheduling.

The choice is yours: either you can send your newsletter right away, or you can schedule it to be delivered some time in the future.

This way you can make sure that your newsletter will be delivered Monday morning at 9:00 AM sharp.

Furthermore, you may spread the delivery over several days. This is especially useful when you send large mailings and do not want your callcenter to be overhelmed by too many requests.

Email delivery is pretty quick, either: A mailing to 10,000 recipients will usually be delivered in a few minutes time.

Red or Blue? What Drives More Responses?

A/B Splittests Will Provide The Answer.

Maybe you are selling red pumps. And blue ones, too. But which image draws the most reponses? A/B split tests will split your mailing into two segments: One have receives the image with the red shoe, the other one get the blue one. The reporting will show you which options sells the best.


Always happy to serve.

Evaluate Everything.

The Emlun Customer Support.

With our free-forever Trial.

We know Emlun by heart. And we know everything about successful bulk email delivery and newsletters. If you have any questions or need assistance, we are always happy to help.

Emails us at [email protected] or give us a toll-free call at 1-866-362-4586.
Evaluate everything that Emlun offers to you with no time limited.

Use the button below to get going right on the spot!

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